Blessed Sacrament Sisters from Kilakala

We have returned, bringing some good news for you and apologise for its delay.
This year we achieved our greatest aim which was for the School to be registered as a Pre_Primary School , English Medium and Day Care Centre. We are now allowed to have children from 2 ½ to 6 years old. The name of our school is “PETER VIGNE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL AND DAY CARE CENTRE.” We have 93 pupils at this moment, both boys and girls.
Our other good news is that on April 13th ,2012 til 8 May 2012 we have Martina White ( a teacher from England) among us. She is a teacher of 23 years and became Head of Pre-Primary Education
at Lancing College, Sussex. Apart from her knowledge in this area, she is specialized in sports for children from 3-12 years has been a fore runner in teaching children as young as 2 ½ to swim.
During her stay here she also took time out to paint murals on our school classroom walls and in the corridors which are a colourful and cheerful addition.
She has encouraged the teachers in new ways to present their lessons and shown them some new ideas on how to play outdoor games-From England she brought with her a large parachute which all the children could join in to play many games and learn at the same time to work as a team.
We are very happy and very grateful for all the good things that she has done for us.
Thank you Martina for your lovely paintings in the classroom and outside. Thank you for your lessons and for your help with the teachers and many thanks for your kindness and support.
May God reward you and your Family for everything.


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